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At Salt of the Earth Personal Chef Service we never have set menus. Utilizing what is in season and locally sourced is essential to us. Because each client has different needs, we’ll work together to create a customized, organic menu that suits you and your busy schedule.  Whether preparing your trusted family favorites, cooking for special diets or simply trying out new and exciting foods, we have something for you.


Chef Jess has a diverse culinary background and can cook anything

from classic American comfort food, healthy spa dishes,

international cuisine to high-end restaurant level dinners.


Healthy weekly meal plans or indulgent celebratory extravaganzas!

We bring your vision to life! Let’s get creative!


Pricing varies based on labor requirements, food cost, and special requests.


Here are a few dishes we have prepared for our happy clientele. 

Click photo to enlarge and see a detailed description.  
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