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       Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  What is a Personal Chef?

A:  A Personal Chef prepares meals in your home kitchen based on your needs and preferences, taking care of all the menu planning, shopping, cooking, and clean-up.  In most cases, the chef leaves the meals in your refrigerator or freezer for you to enjoy at your leisure. Many Personal Chefs also provide other services including private dinner parties and cooking classes.

Q: Is there a difference between a Personal Chef and a Private Chef?

A:   A Personal Chef is distinct from a Private Chef. A Personal Chef works with several different clients with a variety of needs. A Private Chef works exclusively with one family or client, and in some cases lives with them. I consider myself A Personal Chef with A Private Chef mentality


Q:  Who hires a Personal Chef?

A:  People from all walks of life hire Personal Chefs. Individuals with busy careers, families on the go, seniors who want to enjoy their golden years, people with health concerns working with doctors or nutritionists, new mothers, athletes in training or anyone who wants more time doing what they love.


Q:  Can I afford A Personal Chef?

A:  A Personal chef is much more affordable than you may think. Consider how much time and money you spend on shopping, cooking and cleaning, not to mention those expensive meals out and wasted food. Having a personal chef gives you back 10-15 hours per week saving you precious time.


Q:  Do I have to be at home when you’re cooking?

A:  No, you don’t have to be home. Many clients, in fact, are busy doing other things on their cook date. I am happy to work with you to create a schedule you are comfortable with.


Q:  Are you licensed and insured?

A:  Yes, We are insured through The American Personal and Private Chef Association and also ServSafe certified. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and food safety.


Q:  Can you provide qualified references from past clients and business associates?

A:  Yes, I have excellent references from longtime associates and clients. I will be more than happy to provide direct contact information upon request


Q:  Where do you buy the food?

A:  The food is purchased on your cook date from organic farmers markets, local butchers and fishmongers, responsible and conscientious grocers. We are happy to patron your favorite stores and purveyors, so let us know where you like to shop.


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